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A Proper Brew

A proper brew – pure and simple. Big on flavor, seriously refreshing and kind to the people who grow it.

Our family business was founded in 1886 in Harrogate, one of the nicest towns in Yorkshire (though we might be a bit biased). We’re still family owned today and we work hard to stay true to our love of fairness, flavor and quality.

Yorkshire Tea is the most famous tea that we make, but look around on the tea shelves and you’ll find a whole host of teas and infusions created by the same people who make your favorite brew, from specialty black teas to green teas, and fruit and herbal infusions.

Even though we’re a little bigger today than we were in 1886, our independent values haven't changed. We’ve never compromised on our love of fairness, flavor and quality, and our business is still family-owned. And we're still completely, utterly devoted to the art of tea.

Our ethics: We strongly believe in ethical trading - paying sustainable prices and working extremely hard to build long-lasting relationships with the people who grow our tea. Being a responsible business means being kind to the planet. We want our environmental impact to be positive, not negative. Over the years, we’ve done a lot to try and achieve that. We‘ve worked very closely with the Rainforest Alliance to help to reduce the environmental impact of tea growing through smart and sustainable farming techniques, major reductions in use of agrochemicals, and better waste management and water treatment.

Trees for life: We’re the family business that loves trees. We’ve been planting and protecting trees since 1990, and with the help of our customers we’ve planted 3 million trees worldwide and protected an area of Amazonian Rainforest larger than the Yorkshire Dales. We're now working on a project to plant a million more trees in the UK and Kenya. To learn more about the projects we’re involved with visit www.taylorsofharrogate.co.uk/stories

Our grant scheme: Our grant scheme, which invites suppliers to apply for match funding towards projects which will benefit their communities, has helped to fund hundreds of projects from tree nurseries and recycling to secondary school scholarships and environmental education.

Carbon reductions: All our tea now arrives in port at Middlesbrough rather than the south - which saved around 100,000 road miles a year. We’ve also reduced our landfill waste and installed solar panels and a rainwater collection system on our roofs for providing power and ‘grey water’ for flushing the loos, and our vehicles are cleaned with a van-washing system that uses recycled water. And our warehouse is designed to make the most of natural light and motion sensors switch lights off when they’re not needed, and installing ‘variable speed drives’ on factory equipment reduced CO2 emissions by around 38%.

Community recycling: Our unique Cone Exchange community project has been recycling and charity fundraising for over a decade (and it even earned Chris, who runs it, an MBE).

Eco friendly packs: Our Yorkshire Tea boxes carry the trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) – a not-for-profit organization which promotes responsible forest management, harvesting wood in a way that assures the forest's biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes are preserved.